Tuesday, January 17, 2012

SUCCESS! Issue #1 Kickstarter Goal Achieved

Today Jan. 17th 2012 Sleepless zine achieved another milestone and reached its Issue #1 Kickstarter goal, and people are still pledging to get a piece of the Issue #1 rewards, including a limited edition 11x17 print, free copies of the print zine, and pre-orders of the first mixtape compilation.

Everyone involved with the zine has been blown away by the generosity, encouragement, and support of the regional heavy/hardcore/experimental underground musical community: experimental noise gurus have pledged funds alongside longtime stoner rockers, hardcore kids have tossed into the donation bucket with longhair thrashers and black metal dudes, and old friends came out from literally all over the country to help get this thing fueled and ready to blast off.

It really shows to us that we're on the right track; that there is a phenomenally diverse, talented, and dedicated community of musicians, fans, supportive businesses and community members who understand that there is something special happening in this region right now.

We will be listing everyone who is an official Supporter and Friend of Sleepless zine in the coming weeks, but everyone who made a pledge of support has our thanks. We look forward to giving something back to the community that has given us our start.  There are some big plans on the horizon, so stay tuned for more!

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