Friday, January 20, 2012


Some bands are about three missed rental payments from getting evicted, but they throw some cool parties and through music have found a way to constructively channel their alcoholism, and might even get laid regularly because of it. These are called "musicians": nothing wrong with that at all-some really good shows and classic records are the product of "musicians" and that's awesome.

Then, there are bands who are actual musicians, artists who take their craft seriously and absolutely will not stop working until they have given something to the world that pushes boundaries and force their listener to pay attention through the sheer magnitude of their creation.  Before the Eyewall is in this second category.

Their multi-part, multi-layered compositions flow into each other in unique time signatures and rhythms to the point that graceful becomes about the only word to describe it.  Few bands are capable of using music to express complex human emotion: Joy Division and Neurosis are definitely two good examples. But to play heavy music without vocals, purely instrumental, and achieve that same visceral impact is something truly amazing to hear.

check them out:

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