Saturday, January 21, 2012


Poney is a psychedelic/stonerrock/hardcore punk group founded in 2005 in central Wisconsin and led by Ben Brooks, who has been involved in 
a variety of Wisconsin underground acts including The Dead Hookers (Dead Beat Records,) Uncle Bob Drives a Combine (Gilead Media,)
 and the currently active ROMERO (GRINDCORE KARAOKE RECORDS).  They've recently returned from a 16 show tour out to Seattle / Portland
 and back in support of their new full length, "Seamyth," alongside Romero.  The album has received positive reviews both nationally and internationally, 
and the band has been building a solid underground following based on their insane live shows.  They've shared the stage with seasoned acts like Rosetta, 
Century, Heavyheavylowlow, Triclops, Mose Giganticus, The Atlas Moth, KEN Mode, After the Burial, and Born of Osiris, among many others.

These dudes rock-check them out!

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