Tuesday, January 24, 2012


By all observation, Cincinnati is in the midst of a heavy music resurgence in recent years, and Beneath Oblivion has been responsible for a lot of it, especially behind the scenes: organizing shows, helping touring bands, and making sure that word gets out. Even if Beneath Oblivion isn't on the bill, you can usually find at least one member of their band at a heavy show in or around the city.

There is something contemplative about their music that makes the overwhelming darkness of the music and seriousness of the lyrical content above the average expected output from an underground band.  This is a good thing.  Beneath Oblivion pushes boundaries, blending blackened, funeral doom with more progressive, blues-based influences. The result is a desolate soundscape that is both haunting at an intellectual level while remaining grounded in the reality of their experiences.

They have an impressive collection of vinyl records out courtesy of Mylene Sheath Records, and have built up a solid regional fan base through semi-regular touring. They recently got a write-up in Decibel magazine, which is also pretty fucking awesome.

They'll be playing Saturday Jan. 28th with Ohio psych/sludge mainstays Red Sun and also Cleveland locals Blood-Alcohol Content and JJ Grimm (ex-Decrepit) at Now That's Class, 9pm.

Check them out:


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