Thursday, January 19, 2012


Elements necessary for a legendary heavy rock band:
1) A guitarist that actually plays, without relying on studio processors or FX pedals to cheat for him.
2) A massive bass tone that can move small objects down a bar.
3) A singer capable of pushing his soul through a microphone night after night for upwards of 20 days straight.
4) a drummer that beats the shit out of his kit but still has enough mental control and physical strength to play with finesse.
5) a van that seems to have a personality of its own.
6) $30 in gas money to the next show.
7) A work ethic that rivals the early Pioneers.

Lo-pan was already a big deal before they got signed to Small Stone, released arguably one of the best heavy rock albums of 2011, and became a staple on the national club circuit. These dudes live, breathe, eat, and smoke music. Experiencing Lo-pan is seriously like taking four blue collar working dudes, giving them instruments, and telling them: "write what you feel".  They don't take shit from ANYONE, are some of the most loyal and unassuming guys you'll ever meet, and can knock it the fuck out of the park, night after night.
They are an inspiration to watch, and they lead by example: make something solid, be honest about it, work your ass off, and good things will likely happen.  

You can catch them tomorrow night in Columbus at Ace of Cups with Survivalist, Swiss Army Mouth, and Hookers Made Out of Cocaine. You can also catch them at SXSW, as they will be performing as part of the Small Stone Records showcase.

check them out:

safe travels out there guys.

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