Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Detroit's Chapstik are the band of the day because they have an album called "Fire, Die in It!" with BBQ'ed pig on the front cover.

Seriously though, these guys take the cake for January 26th, 2012 because they can lay down some  hazy grooves while managing to keep enough of a punk rock mentality to keep the music from getting stale. Chapstik's music goes over just as well on a skateramp as it does in a GTO, and not all heavy music has that kind of versatility.

The riffs throughout this band's catalog are solid, and they have the pieces in all the right places: a bass with some thump, three fuzzed out guitars blasting out over pounding drums, and two vocalists who can carry a tune just as easily as he can howl.

They just put out a new 7" split with Against the Grain. If you don't know about these dudes, you probably should:

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