Sunday, February 12, 2012


Thanks to the amazing Jeff Carr Sleepless brings you the 100% hand-drawn cover-art for Issue #1!  As you can see from the art, Issue #1 will feature exclusive interviews with Keelhaul, Mockingbird, and Vulture. We have also expanded from Issue #0's 24 pages to 32 pages of photos, reviews and cartoons.  Issue #1 kicks off a 3-issue series featuring Mr. California's "Sex Pig" comic series, which will run from #1-3.

As this is a collaborative effort, we still need a few things, mostly photos. We take both live band photos and skate photos. If you're in a band and have a few cool live photos laying around, or if you skate and take some photos of it, send them to

We are also always looking to expand our distribution network.  Right now we are looking for more distro spots in Illinois, Michigan, and Indiana. We distribute to independent record stores, venues that have zine racks, DIY spaces with zine libraries, and anywhere else that wants a few copies. send an email to with "distro" in the subject line.

You can get an annual subscription too, which is 4 issues direct mail plus a tape comp (with download card for those who put their cassette players to rest years ago) with each issue featuring underground heavy bands from throughout the Midwest / Rust Belt U.S.  just send us an email to with "subscription" in the subject line for more details.

Issue #1 will be hitting the streets in early March!  Official release shows are March 9th in Columbus and March 10th in Cleveland. Details TBA.

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